Our Minister

Rev. LeeAnn McKenna

The Pastoral Charge is currently undergoing a search for a new minister. During that time, we are pleased to have Rev. LeeAnn McKenna for our Pulpit Supply on Sundays.

What to Expect in Worship

Expect the unexpected!  Using multi media and story telling and a conversational style, Patti excavates the many stories of the bible for lessons that are relevant to our busy lives and tries to offer hope in a world that sometimes seems full of despair.

Music is vitally important and Patti includes both traditional church music and contemporary praise songs in worship.

“Music draws from us all of our emotions. Through music we experience joy, grief, anger, energy…it touches the beating of our hearts and moves us beyond ourselves.”

Patti’s theology (understanding of God) is one that meets people where they are. She encourages people to openly question the assumptions they have come to know about

God and to find their own path to understanding the “holy mystery which is Wholly Love”. (A Song of Faith)

What to Expect in Community

As a lay minister, Patti believes that everyone has a gift to share, and everyone’s gifts make up a community of faith.  She sees herself as one of many who bring God’s good news to the world, and strives to work collaboratively, empowering those in the community to develop and grow in leadership.

As a part of this community, you can be as involved as you wish, serving on leadership teams, volunteering at events, orjoining discussion groups.  Your gifts are yours to share, and provide an opportunity for you to grow emotionally, spiritually, faithfully.